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At Radiant Healthcare Physical Medicine of Battle Creek, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals to improve your quality and quantity of life!

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Physical Rehabilitation

Radiant Healthcare in Battle Creek offers a specialized Physical Rehab approach to treating your pain that combines natural, holistic and natural therapy treatments, providing gentle and unique pain relief.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is simply just a tight knot that originates in the muscle fibers in your body that can cause you to feel pain in other areas within your body.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage, also known as Massage Therapy, is one alternative type of medicine that can be offered as complimentary service either in conjunction or separate from other types of standard treatments.

Trigger Point Therapy Explained

When you feel pain in your body, it could be caused by a trigger point. Trigger points are just tight knots that occur within the muscle fibers. Simply put, these trigger points can cause pain in other areas of your body. The muscle fibers get too tight and tender, leading to general pain with they’re overused. Trigger points are usually caused by stress to the muscle fibers or perhaps due to acute trauma.

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