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Radiant Healthcare in Battle Creek specializes in Physical Medicine and natural pain relief management.

In order to properly relieve body pain, a complete analysis and diagnosis is required to develop a customized pain relief treatment plan for your individual needs and requirements.

With a focus on providing you with the best traditional medical testing combined with “cutting edge” nerve studies and in-depth blood analysis of each client’s unique condition, Radiant Healthcare offers you some of the most advanced testing in physical medicine today.

On-Site Diagnosis and Medical Services

X-Rays – Low radiation diagnostic X-Rays help us to assess injuries to spine and extremities.

Hormone and Adrenal Testing – Many health conditions can originate from chronic stress. The Radiant team tests for and assess a patient’s chronic stress and individual fatigue levels that help to build a custom therapy plan.

Allergy and Immune Response Testing (ALCAT) – Having an allergic reaction is never fun, and in some cases, can be dangerous. Radiant Healthcare tests for allergies and performs immune response testing for clients.

Vascular Screenings – Radiant also screens for vascular damage and atherosclerosis that may be present in clients. Heart attacks and strokes are commonly caused by atherosclerosis, so testing early is key to the treatment of these conditions.

Functional and Performance Testing – When there is a spinal injury present, the Radiant Healthcare team conducts and evaluates an in-depth series of medical exams and tests to determine the severity of the physical impairment.

Electromyography (EMG Testing) – EMG Testing is short for electromyography testing, and it’s a process where our EMG specialists determine if there might be irregular activity or dysfunction of the muscles. The electromyography testing is used to gather an accurate and true diagnosis of a client’s muscle injury and/or impairment.

NCV Testing (Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies) – Radiant Healthcare also tests to see if there may be impairment or dysfunction to nerves. Sciatica pain treatment is often tested by this hallmark method, which often provides a more accurate understanding of the location and way that a patient’s peripheral neuropathy symptoms affect them.

Important Note:

Electrodiagnostic testing or EDX studies often are used to test functions of both muscles and nerves. It is also an essential test for the diagnostics of many common disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), peripheral neuropathy and nerve entrapments.

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Schedule Your Initial Consultation Now!

Call us at (269) 964-3300 or fill out the form below if you would like our scheduling coordinator to call you instead.

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