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Knee Pain

Knee pain is a tricky condition. There are times when trauma can cause an immediate injury but those conditions are usually addressed at the time of injury. The less evident type of knee pain comes from years of uneven wear and tear. And it’s not just because knees are designed to wear out and have to be replaced.

The disease management model only hopes that you don’t pay attention to your structural alignment and balance. Because if your hips and spine are out of alignment, it will create compensation resulting in unevenness on our knees and feet as well as the lower back. This almost guarantees some kind of surgery or replacement if left unaddressed.

At Radiant, it is our existence to keep you away from unnecessary drugs and surgery. Although there may be a time and place for it, we want you to keep your knees intact for the long haul. Depending on your specific condition, we have procedures ranging from adjustments, bracing, and injections that are designed to restore function and in some cases that require joint restoration, we have regenerative techniques that will assist in your healing. To get scheduled, call at 269-964-3300.

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