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Wellness is definitely an overused under delivered word in our media today. And before I go into what wellness is it would be best to tell you what it is not. It is not at the corner of happy and healthy which is a slogan used by a popular pharmacy chain. Drugs are not a part of wellness even if the prescriptions cause your lab results to look normal.

Wellness is not just feeling good. It turns out out of your entire nerve system, less than 10 % feels pain. What that means is that there is a lot more going on in your body than just how you feel. To put it as concisely as I can, wellness equals a balanced life that consists of your

To put it as concisely as I can, wellness equals a balanced life that consists of your mind, body, and spirit. If we have order in our life and a roadmap to get there, this can create just that. Your body is designed to be a self-healing, self-regulating, multidimensional system that if interfered with it will compensate, work harder, and cause uneven wear and tear on your joints, organs, and tissues. This can and will cause sickness, disease, and early death.

If your body is well and your mind is at peace, quality of life and health is a guarantee. And this is exactly what we strive to help you with at Radiant Healthcare.

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A Healthy Outside Starts On The Inside

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