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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the second leading cause of doctor visits as it affects more than 75% of the population, mainly adults. Reason being is that it is the most unsupported location on the spine, unlike the upper portion of the back that is supported by the rib cage and the major supporting muscles. With this lower level of support though comes greater flexibility allowing us to twist turn and bend forwards and backward. Unfortunately, that also means a greater risk of injury, which is why low back pain is such a prevalent issue.

It used to be believed by doctors and people alike that you just let the low back pain go away and heal on its own that that was sufficient treatment. Studies nowadays show many different findings in that without proper chiropractic care your low back pain will most likely come back.

However, if the low back is properly cared for it can withstand large forces and provide excellent support for the body. For example, competitive weightlifters would not be able to lift the hundreds of pounds they do without injury. Without proper care though even the slightest movements can cause immense pain from misalignments in the spine.

Causes of Low Back Pain

The causes can vary greatly with any parts of the interconnected network of the spinal muscles, nerves, bones, discs, or tendons from trauma as little as a sneeze to as large as a tackle on the football field. This pain can also be caused by arthritis, poor posture, obesity, stress, kidney stones or infections, blood clots, or even bone loss. Below are some common causes.

Subluxation – This is a misalignment of the vertebrae preventing proper movement of the spine and causing immense pain and inflammation to the patient.

Herniated Discs – This an issue with the rubbery discs between the vertebrae often poking out of the tougher exterior casing of the spine. Not all those who have a herniated disc will feel something, but those that do will feel great pain not only in the spine but elsewhere in the body. This is rarely an issue where the patient recovers fully.

Sprains, Strains, and Spasms – These usually happen to people that only experience activity once in awhile and whose muscles, tendons, ligaments aren’t properly stretched or conditioned.

Stress – When stress builds so does your blood pressure which causes stress hormones to infiltrate the system, tensing muscles. This muscles tension causes trigger points or knots that refer to pain in other parts the body. Stress relievers and exercise will help prevent stress which can help prevent low back pain.

With all of these varying causes, proper diagnosis of the cause is better left to medical professionals like doctors of chiropractic as they specialize in this area and how to offer proper treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment

The main goal of chiropractic is to realign the spine, therefore, helping relieve pain and the reliance of medications, so it’s no surprise that low back pain is best treated by a chiropractor. Small adjustments made to the spine and pelvis help return the body back to normal function and flexibility and over a period of time will produce long-lasting results of a pain-free low back. So instead of reaching for medications, which only mask the pain, or just trying to sleep it off, go see your chiropractor for a much happier, healthier life.

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