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Supartz Knee Therapy

Here at Radiant Healthcare Physical Medicine of Battle Creek we have the answer to osteoarthritis of the knee. This condition is a growing debilitating chronic condition that can cause immense pain in the knee. We offer an amazing natural knee replacement treatment that has relieved pain for hundreds of people here in Battle Creek, MI.

Support Natural Knee Replacement Therapy is a therapy that actually does not require surgery or replacement. It rejuvenates the knee by reducing inflammation and pain and improving mobility, getting the knee back to optimal activity level. Supartz is a highly purified Sodium Hyaluronate, also called Hyaluronan, that is naturally occurring substance in the cartilage of the joints and Synovial fluid. Injections of this natural substance will be injected into the knee area and provide both lubrication and cushioning helping to relieve pain and bring you back to a healthier, happier you.