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Physical Rehabilitation

Here at Radiant Healthcare Physical Medicine of Battle Creek, our main focus is the rehabilitation of the spine and body. Our specialized approach to the treatment of pain with the combination of natural and holistic medical pain and natural therapies allows us to provide unique and gentle pain relief. From the moment you walk out the door after your first treatment to the last day of your pain relief journey, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best care in our “patient-centered” healthcare facility. Our main goal at Radiant Healthcare is to provide the quickest and safest path to a pain-free, healthier, happier you, long after you have finished treatment.

With each case, a complete evaluation and report is performed to create a specialized care program specific to the patient for the fastest path to recovery. First, the focus will be put on the inflamed and injured areas through the use of natural medical pain therapies and chiropractic care. Once the inflammation is relieved our spinal rehabilitation specialists assist you with rehabilitating the injured areas and create strength again to support healing and stay pain-free. By doing this we not only relieve the pain but help prevent injury to the area again.

Experience the Difference

What sets apart our spinal rehabilitation from the rest is our focus is centered around the improvement of the spine discs. Through combining chiropractic care, medical pain management, and physical rehabilitation, Radiant can not only help reduce inflammation in the injured discs but help to rehydrate and heal them as well.

To assist the reconditioning of your spine we always demonstrate home exercises and home therapies to help aid the recovery process. These exercises focus on strengthening the spine and increasing your activity and flexibility.